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Belgian Waffle with Belgian Chocolate


We've been making them wrong this whole time! ...

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Steen Castle (plus Me)

Antwerp Photos

Photo gallery of Antwerp, Belgium

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Interface (Overview)

European Washer

Has anybody ever used one of these before? It has a very confusing interface. It's a Brandt WTK1248E. ...

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Domino's Pepperoni Pizza

Nom Nom Nom!

Nice to know that I can have a little slice of home. ...

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City Hall

Kortrijk Photos

Photo gallery of Kortrijk, Belgium

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Apartment (From Street)

The Eaglet Has Landed

I'm all settled in now and I was given my work laptop today. It's a strange interface because the keyboard is not QWERTY, but I'm adjusting. ...

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Bags Packed

Preparing for the Adventure

Waiting on one thing, but other than that, I have all documentation ready for the flight. I luckily did not need to apply for a visa because I will be staying 89 days (Visa is required for trips over 90 days). In the meantime, I've had my last Varsity......

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