Eyeshield 21

I managed to snag a great helmet off eBay and I’ve dissembled it and fixed it up for paint. Smoothed out some of the marks on the helmet and gave it a few nice glossy coats. The pads were sanitized and wiped down. Based on my fitting, I’m not going to use the cheek pads so that I have more room.

As for the facemask/eyeshield, I got lucky off of an auction and snagged the proper facemask and a chin strap for dirt cheap. I also bought a clear visor and some headlight tint. Not all of the bubbles came out of it, but you won’t notice them, so I’m ok with that.

(yes I know the visor is attached in the wrong position, I’m just having it there as an interim to keep it together)

As for legs pads, pants, socks, shoulder pads, and the jersey – I managed to find them all online for reasonable prices. The jersey took a bit to get delivered from out of the country, but it looks good.

The socks are actually a black compression sleeve and a pair of white athletic socks, so this gives the general visual that the anime/manga had.

Also, debating on getting a decal or painting the bat wings on it.

On a side note, I’m also planning on hiding a Bluetooth speaker on my person in this. I have a friend that may be doing a Lydia from Beetlejuice and I know I can make this an improvised dead footballer from the movie and have “Shake, Shake Senora” playing too.

Remaining Items:

  • design, print, and apply the bat wings decals
  • find gloves (Optional)
  • find shoes (Optional)