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You're Welcome!

Has this been done yet? No? Well…

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Draw Your Squad - Too Much

Can't we all just be friends?

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For the bookworm!

Don’t ask me, my brain just makes strange AUs.

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Do Something!

Gotta love the memes

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Rumple/Bill Cipher

Had fun at Momocon with the costume. Here are the only pictures of me though.

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Rumplestiltskin/Bill Cipher

For Momocon this year, I put together this hybrid costume to encourage a friend to start cosplaying. I really had fun trying to find ways to combine the two characters (three if you count the Mr. Gold portions)

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Dark Ones Tune In

Based on @snafu-moofins post

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Draw Your Squad - Dark Ones

Nimue is regretting her life decisions…

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Draw Your Squad - Thanks Henry!

Imma ink & color this later.

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