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In Antwerp For A Week

Photo gallery of Antwerp, Belgium

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Sint Nicolaas Greets The Children

Miscellaneous Touring Part 2

Here’s some more extra pictures that I took while touring. Some are from showing my brother around the town, some are from a personal visit to Antwerp, and the rest are from Saint Nicholas arriving in Kortrijk. Read the wiki article for more information about this holiday event (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinterklaas) ...

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Apartment (Street View)

New Apartment

So I moved from Kortrijk to Antwerp to lessen my commute to work. I'm sharing the apartment with my fellow co-worker Arthur. Here's a few pictures I took as soon as I arrived. No video for this apartment yet. ...

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Steen Castle (plus Me)

Antwerp Photos

Photo gallery of Antwerp, Belgium

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