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Le Moulin Rouge

Paris Photos (Day 1)

Photo gallery of Paris, France

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Sentry & Guard Tower (Tower of London)

London Photos

Photo gallery of London, United Kingdom

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Pumpkin Pie Sliced

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner in Europe

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Sint Nicolaas Greets The Children

Miscellaneous Touring Part 2

Here’s some more extra pictures that I took while touring. Some are from showing my brother around the town, some are from a personal visit to Antwerp, and the rest are from Saint Nicholas arriving in Kortrijk. Read the wiki article for more information about this holiday event ( ...

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Gravensteen Tower (Top)

Ghent Photos

Photo gallery of Ghent, Belgium

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Madonna and Child by Michelangelo (Onze-Lieve)

Brugge Photos

Photo gallery of Brugge, Belgium

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Star Trek Enterprise UFO

F.A.C.T.S 2010

Here's a few photos from the Belgium version of an anime/sci-fi/gaming convention. These are the only ones that managed to come out okay/decent. ...

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Miscellaneous Touring

Here's some extra pictures that I took while touring. ...

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Finished Product

Trying New Things 101

This episode will meat. ...

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