Lizardmen - Carnosaur

When I got the box, I had a hard time deciding what color scheme to use on the Carnosaur since I had already used green/brown for the Bastiladon and red for the Stegadon.

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Cutie Refs Set - Not Enough

You don’t have enough

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Roxys Ref Set - Now Kiss!

It so cute that I’m getting cavities looking at it.

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Imagine your OTP

"Fine if you don’t like it then take what’s yours and LEAVE!“

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Draw Your Squad - Multi!Sakura

Don’t You Prejudge Me!

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Draw Your Squad - Too Much

Can't we all just be friends?

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Calendar Nabla

Back in college, I found that there was a mathematical symbol called nabla (looked like an upside-down delta). Since I use to doodle in class, I created a nabla character.

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Festive Elias

Feeling the holiday spirit yet?

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Happy Halloween!

This year, I decided to start a cemetery for the front of the house during October. Managed to create the initial set of tombstones before the trick-o-treaters arrived. Will continue to add more effects each year. ...

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My family went to Ireland for the Georgia Tech versus Boston College Game this year. It was a lot of fun. Here are some highlights from the trip.

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