Pixie and Brutus

It was there and I went for it.

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Eyeshield 21

Working on my next costume which is from Eyeshield 21.

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Eldar Warlock - Spear to Staff

Starting to design the alternative ‘spear’ top for my Eldar costume. It is a mix between the ghostseer and farseer designs that already exist. I’m not using Uldrad’s staff design since that is a unique relic.

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Team Skull Plumeria

New costume for this year. I’m hoping to get it done for Momocon. Had a few hiccups along the way, but I’m proud of how far I’ve gotten (and how much I’ve managed to find).

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All of the E21 fanfics have Mamori eating creampuffs and now it’s stuck in my head. Transcript: “I can’t resist your manly scent. It smells like…creampuffs!” Based on the Draw The OTP meme from @croxovergoddess ...

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Squad Goals!

Sten says no, Oghren is too drunk to do it right, and Shale is just confused…

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You're Welcome!

Has this been done yet? No? Well…

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Roxy Doodlebot 5000 set - Meet the Parents

“I need you to meet my…’parents’. You’ll be fine, I promise!”

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Lizardmen - Skink Starpriest

I had fun trying to think up a color scheme that would allow lots of bright colors yet still retain the general scheme I have for the army. I went for a rainbow for the feathers and had the skin be a lighter tone to go with the lore theme......

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Lizardmen - Stegadon

Took a long time to finish this figure, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.  ...

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